Finding Suitable LED Screens For Your Business

You are missing out on many potential customers if you still resort to using traditional advertising boards for promoting your business. No doubt, people see them, especially if you fix them in strategic locations and use high-powered lamps to illuminate the screens. The downside of these displays is that they are static. The image remains the same. In stark contrast, the LED (Light Emitting Diode) display screen can display moving images, which never fail to grab the attention of the viewers. You can use them to display movie-like advertisements just like the ones you see on TVs and YouTube videos. There is no doubt that the popularity of outdoor marketing strategies has grown tremendously over the years. Thanks to this, and the fact the moving images are far more eye-catching than static pictures, there is a sharp increase in the number of LED billboards. While the initial cost of these billboards might be higher, they work out cheaper in the long run. You only need to change the video feed on these billboards to display a new ad. You can also use them to display running text, just like the ticker tape ads on the TV.

Surveys reveal the truth about the display screen

According to a recent survey, four out of ten consumers say that they pay attention to outdoor advertising. 75% of these individuals stated that they were more attracted by moving images, which they consider much more striking. No doubt, who would not prefer to grab the attention of such a massive base of potential consumers. LED billboards have been around for many years; however, their quality (measured in pixels per square inch) has increased dramatically, thanks to the decrease in size of the light emitting diodes. Additionally, such displays allow much more creative formats and messages. Everybody knows that originality is an essential requirement to grab the attention of passers-by. With the LED displays, you no longer need to depend on advertising professionals to provide you with ideas on what should be displayed and how it should be shown. You have the option to combine text messages with photographs or videos. Your imagination is the limit.

You control the time and duration of an ad

When you opt for a digital display screen, you can control the time and duration of an ad. For example's sake, let us assume that you have erected a digital billboard opposite a school. You can set the timer to display ads directed at children before the school starts and switch to other ads a couple of minutes after the school begins. You can then program the display unit to show other ads meant for the public. You can also earn money by displaying the ads of other companies during this period. You can switch back to showing ads targeted at kids half an hour before the school ends, to half an hour after the school closes for the day. Additionally, LED advertising screens provide a higher resolution and brightness compared to traditional monitors. Remember, the higher the resolution of the display unit, the better. Therefore, search online to find a high-resolution screen for displaying your business.